The MHC training department utilizes principles of Adult Learning Theory in facilitation of the three types of adult learning methods: visual, auditory and kinesthetic (hands on).  Corporate training provides opportunities for students to connect with material in these three valuable delivery methods.
As part of the training process, participants will especially learn the essentials of a key foundation of our Mission Statement: providing service excellence.  Employees learn soft skills of communication, client interactions and how to create the optimal client experience.  There is particular focus given to our mission of internal and external Customer Service and supporting our corporate values of Quality, Integrity, Respect and Accountability.
Soft skills training is provided in New Employee Orientation, and is supported in regular feedback sessions between the trainer and staff.
Newly hired employees in the clinic setting will undergo extensive training on our EMR (Electronig Medical Record) system, as well as on the job training for greater succes.  Each department and discipline will offer its own specialized on-the-job training for its specific function.
Ongoing staff development will be offered to all employees of Marana Health Care with performance observations by Corporate Trainer as well as specialized coaching sessions on the team and individual levels. 

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